There’s a new Wainstop Nightmares . It’s a weird cartoon I helped write and do voices for.  I for am CHUFFED

Once  a year or so, the fine collective of Wainstop make Nightmares. They’re a fine group of animators, writers and programmers that includes GHXYK2, Swee Neezy, Penneh, Wolf Pupy and PilotRedSun((((and me))). It’s a digest, it’s dreamlike…in fact it’s a NIGHTMARE. We made a new one and I think it’s just great. To work with these bizarro geniuses has been one of the finest rewards I’ve ever had.  Wainstop is an extension of Famicon, the great people who made videos such as Bart The General and I was so obsessed with them that eventually I was absorbed into the Waingang. It feels good. It feels like a weird cartoon this life I live

You can download the video game we worked on called Chimps on a Blimp here.

All that being said, here is WAINSTOP’S NIGHTMARES 2019 aka ? Nightmares


And here’s another one I was allowed the privilege of hosting.

You can watch some other stuff I’ve done with Wainstop on my Videos page.

I will tell you this, it’s at the bottom of the page and only real heads are seeing this but I hope to do a lot more voice work in the future. If I meet the genie machine from Big it will be my first wish.