Wainstop’s Nightmares – I wrote a segment and did a voice for this weird cartoon

There’s a new Wainstop Nightmares . It’s a weird cartoon I helped write and do voices for.  I for am CHUFFED Once  a year or so, the fine collective of Wainstop make Nightmares. [...]


NFW! Patreon! Residencies!

Happy Passover, friends. It’s been so many months since I last updated you. Time truly flew by. Perhaps you’ve been listening to my podcast and learned why I’ve been so all over [...]


  Multifaceted bon vivant Nick Flanagan tells it like it is (to him), often in bite-sized melodic monologues. Nick is a comedian (I’m Here All Weak & Wiped Privilege), actor [...]


Wiped Privilege PWYC on Bandcamp.com

Hi friends! This is just a quick note to let you know that my album Wiped Privilege is available for download on Bandcamp.com – and I have made it pay what you can, to show my appreciation. [...]


Out Of Town Shows March 23 & 29 (Portland, OR & San Fransicky)

Hi! Check my dates – I’m in Portland March 23(so that’s tomorrow as I write this!) and SF the next week! Come by! Tell friends!


Wiped Privilege News

Hi friends. I’m worried about Carrie Fisher, but I wanted to just let you know you can now buy and listen to Wiped Privilege on Bandcamp! You can also buy it on tape there! Happy holidays! [...]


Wiped Privilege is OUT TODAY!

. Friends! My album Wiped Privilege is out now, on Comedy Dynamics. You can hear it on Spotify or Laugh.ly or buy it through these avenues: [...]


Wiped Privilege Out December 16th on Comedy Dynamics!

Hi everyone! I hope you are doing more than well, somehow. My second comedy album “Wiped Privilege” now has a label – the amazing Comedy Dynamics! It will be available digitally [...]


Shtick or Treat October 30!



Night Comedy October 20th

Hi! Just a heads up that I’m hosting Night Comedy at Night Gallery, October 20th. That’s tomorrow, right now. But soon to be today – and if you’re reading this in the [...]

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