Tomorrow, everything changes.  Underwear, the date, our opinion of Bill Cosby – the latter for the worse, I”m sure. Unrelatedly, it”s also the first of my album recordings at 8PM sharp at the Comedy Bar Cabaret Room. Here are the wonderful guests for the shows:

July 28 Hosted by Jordan Foisy! With Kathleen Phillips.

July 29 Hosted by Tim Gilbert! With Evany Rosen & Robby Hoffman.

It’s been five years since the release of my first record I’m Here All Weak and what I’m doing feels different and hopefully a bit more layered. Who knows? All I knows is it’s fun doing shows and trying to entertain people, unless the shows are horrible and the people aren’t entertained. Then it’s a nightmare on par with the Korean War in the film M*A*S*H. After the show Tuesday night I’ll be celebrating with my friends at James Hartnett”s, Tom Henry & Aaron Eves” show at the Ossington.  Come tell me how much we have in common. Then we may hug.