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NFW is a peek into the the diverse community that Nick orbits – one that includes musicians, comedians, mental health advocates. It’s also about his experiences singing in bands, doing comedy and living life while dealing with anxiety, torpor and depression – exacerbated by adult-diagnosed ADHD – after a draining stint in Los Angeles. Nick has met all kinds of people and seen things that cannot be unseen – mostly on Youtube. Bad news: he wants to tell you about all of them them. Conversational solo episodes and interviews with social workers, subcultural experts, musicians and comedians means NFW covers a range of topics with charm, aplomb and a hint of desperation. Episode times range between 15 minutes and an hour and a half and are released 2-3 times a week. Nick tackles the news of the day, grapples with the ups and down of a bohemian lifestyles, interviews interesting people, gives tales of gratitude and tries to make sense of ADHD and the public’s changing perception of mental health. Sign up to Nick’s newsletter for monthly updates. Produced by Andrew Lloyd. Logo designed by Peter Kalyniuk. Press photos by Brittany Lucas and Davida Nemeroff. Write the podcast at weaklypodcast@gmail.com.


Either utterly fearless or perhaps born without the “shame gene,” Nick’s comedy can be heard on his albums I’m Here All Weak  and Wiped Privilege. He starred in the films Diamond Tongues and Sundowners, sang in Brutal Knights, Teen Crud Combo and Wrong Hole. He also hosts the podcast Nick Flanagan, Weakly.

Nick Flanagan is a  fixture in front of brick walls (and behind chicken wire) across North America, A singular talent in the post-NAFTA underground comedy scene, Nick’s endearingly expressionless conversational deadpan, choice subject matter, and “sort-of pregnant” pauses have won him small battalions of die-hard followers.

He has performed at Andy Kindler’s Alternative Show in Toronto and Montreal,  SF SKETCHFESTFUN FUN FUN FEST, BRIDGETOWN COMEDY FESTIVAL, and many other estimable stages.  He now resides in  the comedic nucleus of Los Angeles where he hosts Night Comedy at the revered Night Gallery.

His first album“I’m Here All Weak”was released on Talent Moat and his second album “Wiped Privilege” just came out on COMEDY DYNAMICS and a limited run cassette release on Radical Documents can be ordered here. The Laugh Button said “Nick Flanagan’s Wiped Privilege is what stand-up needs”.

He’s also written multiple episodes of Emmy-winning PBS series Odd Squad.

See Nick in movies like Diamond Tongues and The Sundowners, check out his bands Brutal Knights and Wrong Hole, and eat lots of fruit and veggies!

My latest album, "Wiped Privilege", is available on Bandcamp
"I'm Here All Weak" on iTunes


Wiped Privilege News

Hi friends. I’m worried about Carrie Fisher, but I wanted to just let you know you can now buy and listen to Wiped Privilege on Bandcamp! You can also buy it on tape there! Happy holidays! [...]